The VMT380 and VMT430 vibratory tandem rollers have been designed to make things easier in your world.

They combine state-of-the-art manufacturing processes with best-in-class gradeability and feature a 4 cyclinder diesel engine, resulting in two excellent tandem rollers, capable of tackling any job.

  • Operating Weight 3750 - 4300kg
  • Engine Power 33.6kW
  • Drum Width 1300 - 1400mm
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VMT430 being used to compact tarmac


The VMT380 and VMT430 have class-leading gradeability of 42%, achieved through a high-performing 4 cylinder diesel engine. High torque components and optimised weight distributions provide greater visibility to the operator.

  • Three different frequency settings (50/59/66Hz) let you match your exact requirements
  • Best-in-class 63kN vibrator performance for superb productivity
  • Double, single front and single rear vibration maximise machine flexibility.


Simple, industry standard, intuitive controls make the VMT380 and VMT430 familiar and easy to operate, helping to achieve maximum productivity.

  • Automatic vibration control avoids over-compaction to ensure a smooth finish across the whole surface
  • A small turning circle makes manoeuvering in tight spaces much easier
  • Upward facing spray bar nozzles avoid blockages and damage from dirt and ice, maximising uptime


Reduced noise, class-leading low vibration levels and a variety of safety features make operating the VMT380 and VMT430 fatigue-free, all day.

  • Unique 3-point pre-loaded rubber mountings prevent overloading
  • Wide non-slip steps on either side of the machine provide safe access
  • Great drum edge visibility helps with precise steering and avoiding obstacles that could result in accidents


The VMT380 and VMT430 provide maximum productivity through minimum downtime, with easy to access service points and grease-free maintenance.

  • Easy access to daily check areas via a wide opening front bonnet
  • The 4 drum scrapers are spring loaded and easy to remove
  • All bearings are Teflon-coated and the centre joint is sealed for grease-free, zero-maintenance

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