Polemaster Plus

If the lines go down and the power goes off, you need to respond quickly. And the ingenious new JCB Polemaster+ allows you to do just that, providing you with a versatile platform to complete the work of multiple machines.


First and foremost, the backhoe-based Polemaster+ is self-contained, carrying all the pole planting tools you need on one machine. You can then drive between sites without the need for specialised transport.


What’s more, you can drill and plant from one position, which reduces ground damage and, therefore, eliminates reinstatement costs/fines.



Gross Power
81kW (109hp)
Maximum auger torque
Maximum dig depth


The new Polemaster+ backhoe has ergonomic seat-mounted excavator-style controls. This setup makes for great manoeuvrability, fingertip control and supreme comfort.


There’s storage aplenty in the cab. Work tools are easy to store, the operator environment is well-organised and, on A/C models, there’s an in-cab cool box for food and drinks.


For added comfort and reduced material spillage, JCB’s SmoothRide System acts as a shock absorber for the bucket during travel.


You can count on efficient, safe braking power with only minimal pedal effort.


Use the new JCB Polemaster+’s Rotaclaw attachment to lift utility poles easily. Then transport up to two poles on the specially designed backhoe loader outriggers. While the poles are held in place, you can fit any pole furniture that’s required.


Once in position, you can use the Polemaster+’s Rotaclaw bucket to dig out an existing pole. You can then place it safely on the ground with the Rotaclaw.


Using the Rotaclaw to hold a 450mm diameter flight and a 10,000Nm torque auger, you can prepare a new hole with ease.  You can then place the auger on the floor without moving your backhoe.


Next, pick up a new pole from the outriggers. Rotaclaw’s variable geometry allows you to pick up poles of up to 15m in length without causing damage. However, there’s still ample pressure to safely move the pole.


Finally, manoeuvre the pole; with over 93° of rotation, and 180° slew, you can move a pole into any position. Control is very precise so there’s a reduced risk of hitting obstacles.


After a pole is planted, use the handheld tool circuit to power things like tampers to complete a job. Based on the JCB 4CX backhoe loader, the Polemaster+ can then drive straight to the next location, minimising ground damage.


Based on JCB’s legendary 4CX backhoe, the new Polemaster+ is fully road legal and can travel at up to 40 km/h. It’s fitted as standard with an 81kW JCB EcoMAX engine with Torquelock, offering you a large working radius.


With four-wheel drive, four-wheel steer and optional 600mm low ground pressure tyres, this loader can access any work site easily with minimal ground damage.


No competitor machine offers operator visibility to match the new Polemaster+. There’s a clear 360° view all around the machine to the whole working area. The rear window also opens easily for good communication with colleagues.


Auto Boomlock holds the boom in a secure position when the excavator isn’t being used. This improves safety during roading.


A stabiliser warning system alerts operators if the stabilisers on your backhoe aren’t fully retracted when the machine is moving.


The new JCB Polemaster+ backhoe is capable of delicate tasks like threading poles between lines and moving them in confined spaces; its Rotaclaw tool and seat-mounted excavator controls allow precise operation.


During the planting stage, the pole is mechanically secured by the Rotaclaw so there’s no need for a banksman to manually manoeuvre it into the hole. This is a much safer, more controlled procedure than traditional slung methods.


Hose burst check valves (HBCVs) are fitted to the boom, dipper, bucket and Rotaclaw. This is a critical safety feature when you’re planting poles weighing over half a tonne.


Damage can occur on any site, so we fit rear light guards as standard for added impact protection.


Our standard-fit JCB keypad immobiliser allows you to set a passcode to start the machine, boosting safety.


JCB’s LiveLink telematics system allows you to track your fleet so if a machine is stolen, it can be recovered swiftly. Its ringfencing feature allows you to prevent machines from working outside their designated areas.


A JCB 6-in-1 shovel allows you to use your Polemaster+ for non-pole planting tasks without switching attachments. It’s a perfect tool for site stripping or preparing a compound.

As with any backhoe loader, lifting tasks are easily done: the front-mounted flip over forks make light work of palletised loads, while the lifting kit on the rear excavator can be used as a crane for handling objects. 

The 9m handheld tool circuit reel can power hydraulic tools for a huge range of tasks, removing the need for a portable power pack. 

Choose from three steering modes: four-wheel steer offers ultimate backhoe manoeuvrability; crab steer minimises ground damage; and two-wheel steer provides efficient, safe roading.