Introducing the new 3CX Compact Highways Master

Introducing the all-new JCB 3CX Compact Highways Master. A machine developed to meet the ever-growing demand for efficient, yet permanent pothole repair and resurfacing of our roads. With 70% more hydraulic power to the new 600mm front planer (with integrated dust suppression), productivity is greatly enhanced.

The 3CX Compact Highways Master has never been easier to control with the NEW Vari-Speed Pro that allows for independently controlled hydraulic flow rate whilst setting a consistent travel speed. Combine this with a new multi-functional joystick and cross cutting capabilities of the rear planer and there is no better machine for resurfacing or repairing Britain’s Roads.


  • Drive to site fully equipped with a top road speed of 40km/h
  • 70% increase in flow rate to front planer
  • Ready for road resurfacing with front mounted 600mm planer with integrated dust suppression
  • Perfect for pothole and patch repairs with rear mounted 300mm planer with integrated dust suppression
  • Improved productivity with stationary cross cutting
  • New Vari-Speed Pro allows for independently controlled hydraulic flow rate whilst setting a consistent travel speed


Maximum Engine Power
Maximum Loader Capacity
Maximum Dig Depth

Nothing can match the 3CX Compact Highways Master for productivity. With a 70% increase to the new front mounted planer, this built-for-purpose machine can make short work of resurfacing projects. 

  • 2-in-1 road planing capability means more work with less equipment
  • Rear boom mounted fully hydraulic 300mm road planer for precision working
  • Attach a front mounted 600mm planer for larger reinstatement operations
  • Powerful and constant hydraulic flow optimises performance and maintains speed

The 3CX Compact Highways Master can work safely within a single carriageway decreasing disruption for road users. A high visibility cab with front and rear cameras and a dust suppression system provide unsurpassed safety and preserve costly attachments.

  • Powerslide enables a squared off cross cut whilst the machine is stationary
  • An integrated dust suppression system engages automatically
  • Raised high visibility cab provides 360 degrees visibility
  • Front and rear cameras as standard provide complete clarity



The 3CX Compact Highways Master offers the ultimate in versatility being able to plane, sweep, dig, doze, grab, grade, lift, load, backfill, tow and more. A top road speed of 40km/h also enables the operator to drive to site fully equipped with attachments and trailer.

  • Skid steer loader quickhitch to the front allows common skid steer attachments 
  • New Vari-Speed Pro allows for independent control of flow rate and travel speed
  • 40km/h road speed enables driving from one job to the next fully equipped
  • New multi lever joystick allows for fine operation of multiple functions of the machine
  • At 35% smaller than a standard backhoe, the 3CX Compact measures just 1.95m wide and 2.74m high.
  • With a turning circle 16% smaller than a standard size backhoe, the 3CX Compact can turn within a single carriageway.
  • With a front-end skid-steer carriage and highflow hydraulics to the front and rear, the 3CX Compact is as versatile as any machine in the market.  
  • At a maximum road speed of 40kph, the 3CX Compact can be deployed to site without the need for additional transportation.
  • For added flexibility, there’s an optional handheld tool circuit built in that can power a huge array of attachments, such as water pumps, disc cutters, augers, hand breakers and much more.