The JCB Fastrac 4220 is a brand new generation of tractor, raising performance and productivity levels to new heights with seamless control, faster operating speeds, multiple implement mounting points and unique all-around, self-leveling suspension.

The design draws on 25 years’ experience in developing the unique JCB Fastrac. Features and capabilities like equal sized wheels, 50:50 weight distribution and 4-wheel disc braking with ABS. With unrivaled productivity, versatility, comfort, safety and serviceability the JCB Fastrac 4220 really is all the tractor you’ll ever need.

4000 application - Stage V (Ploughing through hay field)


The 4000 series Fastrac combines an advanced hydropneumatics suspension with the CommandPlus cab to give class leading levels of comfort for the operator.

  • All round advanced hydropneumatic suspension provides unrivalled comfort and stability.
  • Mid-mounted cab position gives additional comfort and excellent 360 visibility.
  • Spacious COMMANDPLUS cab with near-vertical windscreen to reduce heat absorption on a sunny day.
  • Hydrostatic dual steering is lighter and highly responsive making driving effortless.
  • In cab, technology delivers high levels of tractor and implement control through a simple and easy to use touch screen terminal.


High-speed road travel brings welcome benefits but also responsibilities. That’s why every JCB Fastrc has a unique combination of safety features.

  • High performance disc brakes all round provide maximum stopping power. Up to 15% quicker than conventional tractors.
  • New stiffer chassis and suspension with anti-rollbars front and rear bring superior handling and stability during high-speed travel.
  • Every Fastrac is fitted with ABS as standard to provide ultimate control when braking in all conditions.
  • Superior all-round visibility from the CommandPlus cab.


The most productive all-round tractor.

  • Unrivalled 50:50 weight distribution and the traction advantages of suspension on both axles makes the 4000 series perfect for heavy draft work applications.
  • Unique all-round suspension means operators can work quicker and longer on uneven field surfaces.
  • Properly equipped for its top speed of 60kph, and truck standard air braking, the Fastrac moves from one job to another quicker and more securely than any other tractor of its size and power.
  • Powerful hydraulics meet the demand of implements through 6 double acting electric spool valves.


The multi-tasking Fastrac 4000 series has five locations for implements. No wonder it’s so versatile and productive.

  • Make use of five implement positions, drawbar, rear linkage, front linkage, front chassis and rear deck, to do more operations in one go.
  • Front and rear axles now have increased load capacity, breaking capacity, steering force & plated weights.
  • The four-wheel steering 4000 series Fastrac is extremely manoeuvrable and handles within even the smallest of sheds and yards with ease.
  • Rapid Steer option makes headland turns quicker, easier and less tiring for the operator.
  • The compact chassis is narrower where it counts – so turns are tighter than ever.
  • A three position switch allows the operator to quickly switch between 2WS, 4WS and a fully user programmable setting.


The best powertrain and suspension system combine to deliver the ultimate in power, torque and traction to really make the difference in any situation.

  • Proven fuel efficiency and a generous supply of power up to 235hp (175kW) and a maximum torque of 950Nm come from a 6.6-litre, six-cylinder engine.
  • CVT transmission ensures optimum use of power and torque, with seamless acceleration and power delivery, ideal speeds for every situation, and ultra-fine speed control for top-quality work with all implements.
  • Different transmission and engine control strategies are easily engaged using the Fastrac’s touch screen controller.
  • The unique suspension of the Fastrac 4000 series enables top road speeds of up to 60kph.


Designed with care.

  • Quick and easy access encourages regular service attention for a long and reliable working life.
  • Dip the oil without lifting the bonnet.
  • Top up fuel, DEF (AdBlue) and oil for the hydraulics with ease as fillers are all on the same side.
  • The high-lift bonnet and fold-out cooling system make it easy to give your Fastrac the attention it deserves.

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