We’re a successful business with ambitious growth plans for the future.

And the more we grow, the more energy we’re likely to need. So using energy efficiently continues to play a key role in our response to energy and climate issues. We plan to manage the impact of our growth on carbon emissions by investing in energy efficient technologies; increasing our efficiency and productivity; and investing in renewable energy.

In recent years, we’ve significantly increased our use of energy efficient LED lighting in the UK and India, introduced controls on motors and pumps, and installed Photovoltaic (PV) arrays at our World Headquarters in the UK, and our Jaipur plant in India. Our efforts to manage energy use in the UK are achieving excellent results – we’ve reduced energy consumption since 2013, and associated carbon emissions have fallen by 23% in the same period.


What’s more, we’re constantly improving how we report energy data globally. And, in 2018, we started rolling out energy management software in our Indian operations. All of this will help us find and introduce improvements in energy efficiency at a global level.

This approach to energy management is certainly paying off. We’ve been Carbon Trust Standard certified since 2011, recognising continued improvements to energy efficiency over time.