The JCB 422ZX wheel loader is designed to withstand all the hard work you can throw at it, with superb levels of productivity and efficiency.

 Built on a foundation of quality and reliability, this loading shovel provides high power and torque from its JCB DIESELMAX engine, as well as the ability to move more material for less money.

 A spacious cab provides comfort levels to suit any operator, and the 422ZX is also an extremely safe machine that can maximise uptime with its easy servicing and low maintenance requirements.

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  • The combination of a JCB DIESELMAX engine with ZF axles and transmission delivers exceptional traction and digging/loading ability on the 422ZX wheel loader.
  • Z-type loader arm geometry generates maximum breakout forces and increased reach during lorry loading.
  • We’ve been designing and developing JCB DIESELMAX engines at our dedicated state-of-the-art facility since 2005. With tens of thousands of units in service around the world, we’re building a formidable reputation for performance and reliability.
  • A ZF fully automatic 4-speed 4WD powershift transmission automatically senses the perfect gear for your 422ZX loading shovel, whatever the application. For increased traction, there’s also a manual gear kickdown function on the loader lever.
  • The 422ZX has ZF axles with limited slip differentials fitted as standard to provide maximum traction in any ground conditions.
  • Our simple and reliable hydraulic circuit comprises twin gear pumps and an unloader valve block. The versatile optional three spool valve block means you can use attachments like grabs and sweepers. A standard float function allows simplified grading and levelling.


  • We’ve tested the JCB 422ZX wheel loader in climates ranging from -20°C to 50°C. Its DIESELMAX engine is tried and trusted, with excellent filtration and robust fuelling to handle varying fuel quality.
  • Advanced manufacturing and assembly processes mean we produce only the very highest precision quality components for our loading shovels. IP67 electrics keep out water and dust.
  • The 422ZX wheel loader is equipped with tried and proven ZF axles.
  • Because industry is tough, we stress test this loading shovel across 1.2 million cycles to emulate the toughest digging and dump situations. That means all structures can perform even the most arduous duties over thousands of hours.
  • Our durable centre joint features twin taper roller bearings as well as a heavy duty pin and bush assembly.
  • To protect steer rams and hoses from damage, they’re positioned high up above this wheel loader’s robust centre joint.


  • The 422ZX wheel loader’s cab is fully compliant with ROPS/FOPS standards.
  • We’ve fitted air conditioning and a heater, as well as sliding windows on both sides of the cab so that your loading shovel operators stay as comfortable, alert and, therefore, productive as possible.
  • Our fuel panel is mounted in the 422ZX’s cab for quick and easy access.
  • Servo loader controls make operating this wheel loader extremely precise, and provide smooth, low effort, fatigue-free operation.
  • All-round visibility on the 422ZX is excellent; a modern rear mounted cab design, large glass areas and narrow pillars give a clear view, particularly to the front shovel.
  • Large inclined steps and ergonomic grab handles make cab access safe and easy. The 422ZX loading shovel also has a conveniently placed toolbox for safe and secure storage.


  • The 422ZX wheel loader has long oil and filter change intervals to keep maintenance to a minimum.
  • Quick, easy access to the engine bay and cooling pack are ensured with the 422ZX loading shovel’s large single-piece bonnet. Ground level daily check and grease point access (along with eye level fluid gauges) makes life even easier and safer.
  • Remote pressure test points are quick, easy and convenient to use, keeping your wheel loader productive as much as possible.
  • Cab roof rails make glass cleaning and beacon mounting safe and easy for JCB 422ZX operators.
  • The hydraulic valve block of this loading shovel is readily accessible through front access panels.
  • The 422ZX has oil-immersed disc brakes for a long, virtually maintenance free lifespan.