JCB invented the backhoe loader in 1953. Since then, we’ve remained the market leader, selling around half of all the world’s backhoe loaders thanks to our pioneering features and innovative design. The 2DX continues this great tradition, delivering tremendous simplicity, durability, performance and efficiency.

A JCB 2DX backhoe is a compact machine that combines a low centre of gravity with good ground clearance for versatile performance. A 49.5hp engine is perfectly suited to this size of backhoe loader, providing plenty of power with excellent fuel economy.

  • Entry-level machine that’s designed for durability and low maintenance
  • Efficient and powerful diesel engine
  • Compact size for working smaller sites
  • Excellent visibility for operators
  • The purpose designed heavy duty machine


Maximum Engine Power
Maximum Dig Depth m
Maximum Loader Capacity


An electronic parking brake makes the JCB 2DX an easy, safe backhoe loader to operate.

The canopy on this backhoe shields the operator from direct sun and rain.

The 2DX backhoe loader’s front bonnet is narrow to ensure extra visibility to the front shovel and wheels.

A large front glass width guarantees that operators of this backhoe loader have maximum forward visibility.

The JCB 2DX’s large lockable toolbox is another handy feature for the operator.


The JCB 2DX is an entry-level backhoe loader that boasts ultimate efficiency courtesy of its frugal low-horsepower engine.

The water-cooled KOEL 49.5hp diesel engine on the 2DX backhoe loader combines excellent performance with optimised efficiency for this size of machine.

So that you can get the very most from your JCB 2DX, it’s designed with long service intervals (400hrs).

Unlike on most tractor policies, JCB Insurance covers every part of a backhoe loader like the 2DX.

You can trust a JCB backhoe loader – the 2DX is covered by a standard 1 year / 2000hr warranty.

We’ve fitted a water separator to the JCB 2DX backhoe. This increases fuel pump life and provides even greater reliability.


JCB’s 4-speed Synchroshuttle gearbox shifts smoothly with full synchromesh to deliver great comfort and power in all conditions; there’s also an integral torque convertor. All of which combines for a 28km/h top speed, meaning you can get to your destination swiftly.

With 180 Bar hydraulic system pressure, this backhoe loader has high tearout forces for digging hard ground. The 2DX’s equal-length boom and dipper means you can also dig close to the machine and benefit from good visibility to the trench.

Its compact size makes the 2DX a perfect backhoe loader for many different applications. The machine carries its modest weight low-down too, for excellent stability during loading and roading.

We fit a 0.55m3 GP shovel as standard – the 2DX backhoe loader therefore allows plenty of spoil movement.

A 0.33m minimum ground clearance makes the 2DX backhoe a confident performer on even the roughest terrain.

The 2DX backhoe loader’s powerful slew means you can backfill with great speed and precision.


An inline fuel pump on this backhoe loader makes for easy maintenance.

Service intervals on the 2DX are 400 hours, which decreases downtime and reduces servicing costs.

We’ve made sure it’s easy to access the battery on a 2DX backhoe loader in the unlikely event of failure.

To improve machine security, we’ve installed a lockable front grille on the 2DX – this protects the battery and isolator.

Because accidents happen in the construction industry, we’ve only used flat windows on this JCB backhoe loader; without curved glass, replacement costs are reduced.

So that hydraulic leaks are easily diagnosed, we’ve added fluorescent dye to the hydraulic oil of the 2DX backhoe loader.